Friday, February 3, 2012

Doily Light Garland

I have this great piece that I purchased last year at a garage sale.  It's a tabletop greenhouse that was made from old windows.  I really love it but now find that I need to decorate inside it as the seasons change.  It's been sitting empty since I packed up Christmas and I finally decided that it was time that I fill it with something new.  At christmas I had lights inside along with ornaments hanging from the top.  I liked having it lit up so I was on a quest to find a way to light it up again.

I had seen this idea online a while back and thought it may be the perfect thing to make for my greenhouse for Valentine's Day and possibly for spring. It's super easy and very cut.

Small paper doilies
String of lights
Scissors (craft knife)
Hole punch
Glue stick

  • Cut a 1/4 piece off of the doily (just like cutting pie).  I used a straight edge and craft knife for assistance.  I'm not so good with cutting straight.

  • Take the hole punch and punch a hole right at the center of the doily where the peak of your cuts are located.  This will give you added ease when wrapping it around the light/cord.
  • Lightly apply glue to one cut edge of the doily.
  • Wrap your doily (glue side down) around the base of a light on your strand.  You want to form a cone around the bulb and it's socket while leaving the cords coming out on the outside of the cone. 
  • Overlap the two cut sides of the doily (glue side on top) and gently adhere them together with the glue.
  • I didn't place a doily on every bulb.  The lights I purchased are not standard Christmas lights and the spacing in between bulbs is small.  I also knew how I was going to use the strand and doing every bulb would have been too much.

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