Friday, June 29, 2012

Personalized Picture Frame

My neighbor ( dear Christmas tree light Goddess) was looking for a gift for a baby shower and was inspired to make a personlized picture frame using my marble magnet idea that I had posted about earlier (My Own Magnets).  We bought the supplies and went to work.  The frames turned out to be really cute so I thought I'd share it with you. 

Unfinished wood frame
Flat marbles
Scrapbooking paper
Glue - liquid, stick & glue gun
Paint & brush (if you wish to paint the frame edges)
Craft knife


We first created the personalization by spelling the name out using my marble magnets...minus the magnet.  You can find those instructions at the My Own Magnets page.

  • Paint the visible edges of your frame.  You can either match the color scheme of the papers you are using or can select any complimentary color.  For this project I went with the standard beige.

  • Once you have choosen your frame paper, cover the entire working surface of your frame with glue using a glue stick.  Be very careful to completely cover all the edges along both the outside of the frame as well as the inside edge along the picture window.

  • Place your background paper onto your glued surface and rub out any air pockets. 

  • Turn your frame upside down and carefully trim the outside edge with a craft knife.
  • I prefer to cut the window pane out by during the frame right side up.  I then carefully cut along the inside edge of the opening.  I find that doing this cut from the front keeps the edge of the paper from looking torn.

  • Then glue on the letter marbles to the frame.  I used my hot glue gun for this job be be sure that they all stayed in place.  You may also find other fun things to add such as bows, flowers, etc.  Continue to personlize it to make it a one of a kind gift.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Project Wedding: Message Bottles

My little brother is getting married in July and I have been given (or volunteered) the task of decorating for the wedding.  I've been preparing a lot of things for the event and decided to share what I've been up to (since it's taken most of my time and kept me from my normal blog projects.

Here's a little background on what's happening.  My brother would have really loved to have had the wedding on a beach in Florida.  While that sounds great, it wasn't so realistic if they wanted many of their friends and family to attend.  We were able to find a venue that has a year-round tent for functions.  We've decided to do the ceremony and reception dinner theater style.  This saves us on paying for a seperate spot set up with chairs for the ceremony and then a space set for the reception.  The guests will arrive, find their places at the tables and watch the ceremony from there.  The buffet reception will begin directly following.

The centerpieces for the wedding have many parts.  I'll eventually share all of the parts one at a time and show them put together when it's all done.  For starters I decided to place a bottle on the table with paper and pencils so that guests could leave the happy couple "messages in a bottle."  Here's my bottle project.

Wine bottles
Razor blade
Goo Gone

Scotch tape
Hemp (or jute) rope

  • Soak bottles in a sink (or large container) to loosen the label.

  • After soaking I removed the labels with a razor blade.  Be very careful while using a blade, especially on a slick, wet surface.

  • Many of the labels left a residue from the adhesive.  I set the bottles out to dry before tackling the removal of the glue.

  • Attack the glue residue with some Goo Gone.  I simply sprayed the area with Goo Gone and then rubbed away the adhesive with a paper towel.  This makes the bottle greasy and requires that you wash it.  I dunked it into the sink and gave them a quick wash over and then set them out again to dry (I do not have pics of this step)
Then I went one step further...
  • I decided that the bottle was too plain all by itself so I wrapped some hemp cord around the top to give it a little more rustic/beachy look.
  • I taped my cord to the neck of the bottle.  I left a small tail of cord hanging at the bottom in order to tie the ends.  I used two pieces of tape, one at the top and the bottom of the area of where I wanted to cord to cover.

  • Next I started wrapping the cord around the neck, starting at the top and working my way down.  Be sure to push the cord tight up against the other layers as you round the neck.

  • When you get to the bottom of your taped area, tie the two ends of the cord together and knot them.  Trim away the excess and your bottle is ready.