Saturday, April 7, 2012

Even More Moss...The Cone

I've shared earilier that moss is one of my new favorite mediums to work with.  I made some pretty cool moss covered ornaments and letters BUT...I didn't stop there.  I love the moss and so this means that no surface is safe.  Ha ha ha!

I had a cardboard (aka paper mache) cone that I had intended to use at Christmas to make a second Sheet Music Cone Tree.  While I was in one of my moods to moss, I decided to cover this cone and incorporate it into my spring living room decor.  It was a really simply project and very inexpensive. 

Paper mache cone
Moss sheeting (you can use the clumped moss but this is so much easier)
Glue gun and glue

  • Simply glue moss sheeting to the cone.

  • If you don't have one solid piece big enough then you simply need to cut and piece the pieces together necessary to cover the entire cone.
  • Trim any excess moss with scissors.

The ornaments that I posted about early are also in the picture.  I'll post pics of how I used all of these in my living room a little later on.