Sunday, February 5, 2012

Scrabble Piece Pillows

I've recently become addicted to the game WORDS WITH FRIENDS on my phone.  I had already seen an image where someone had cut large wood squares, painted them to look like Scrabble pieces and put them on the wall spelling out words.  I decided to make pillows. 

These can be made to spell words, initials, favorite numbers, etc..  Be creative with your choices in fabric as well as letters/numbers.  Remember, if you can't sew, find someone who can.  You can prep all the stuff (including the cutting and painting) and then pass them on to someone to finish them up. 

I have a five year old niece whom I adore.  Her name is Kylie, hence the reason so many of my trial projects have a "K" on them.  She gets lots of cool things after I've made and posted them online.  She's my little test market...LOL

These are super easy square pillows that I painted on using a stencil.  Of course I remembered having a Cricut cartridge that cuts out Scrabble like I cheated and had the Cricut do my cutting.  You can easily make these by either purchasing some letter stencils or printing your own letters and numbers and cutting out your own paper stencil.

Pillow form or stuffing (I stuffed these)
Stencil (I cut mine on cardstock)
Paint (preferably fabric paint)
Sewing machine & tread (unless you're commissioning a friend to sew for you)

  • Cut two pieces of fabric to either fit the size of your pillow form or to the size of pillow you wish to stuff.
  • Also prepare your stencil.  I cut my with the Cricut but you can easily purchase stencils or cut your own from a piece of cardstock
  • Prepare for painting
    • Tape one piece of your fabric (the front) to a stable surface
    • Tape your stencil(s) to your fabric.  This will keep everything secure while painting.

  • Carefully begin painting your pillow.  Do no use brush strokes as it may cause the fabric to stretch and pull from underneath the stencil.  Instead, lightly load your brush with paint and tap the surface.  Be careful not to use too much paint on your brush at one time.  You don't want the paint to soak into the fabric and spread under the stencil.

  • Once you've applied a sufficient amount of paint, gently remove your stencil.

  • Allow the paint to dry as instructed by the paint directions.
  • Place the painted front piece facing towards the back piece and stitch around on a sewing machine.  Be sure to leave an sufficient opening at the bottom of you pillow to allow for stuffing.
  • If you didn't cut rounded edges on your fabric, take your scissors and carefully round off the corners after the pieces have been stitched together.  this will take some of the bulkiness out when you turn the piece inside out.
  • Turn the piece inside out and begin stuffing.
  • Sew up the opening and your Scrabble Piece Pillow is complete.

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