Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Gotta Love Pillows

I am usually game for some change and have been known to make changes all of the time in my decor.  In fact, I was repainting the rooms in my home on a very regular basis.  My friends and family were constantly giving me a hard time about the shrinking square footage of my home because of the many layers of paint I was adding.

I really dislike to paint and finally got to a place where I was content with my rooms as they were and put away my brushes.  Well...I'm beginning to get a little stir crazy and feeling like it's time for a change.  Because I'm not at all interested in painting my rooms, I've decided to mix things up in other ways.  I've got a new obsession...PILLOWS.

I've been making a lot of pillows lately (things that I'll eventually get posted and show them off).  Pillows can bring a new life into any room.  You can start with a new pillow...or two...or five and then re-accessorize your room around colors from the pillows.  I've put together a random mix of pillows below that I love.  Stay tuned for more pillows from me...both ones I've made and ones I'd love to purchase.

Pillow Obsession #1

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