Friday, March 9, 2012

Paper Mache Eggs

If you follow my Christmas blog The Christmas Guy you'll find that I make a lot of ornaments and decor from vintage books and hymnal pages.  I've decided to use those paper mediums while on my current spring/Easter decor journey. 

I took standard plastic Easter eggs in different sizes and did a basic paper mache technique using the pages from my vintage books and hymnals.  The end result of this project left me with something to use for Easter decor that looks very vintage yet timeless.  This technique can be done with whatever type or print or paper you choose.  Try making these eggs using a paper that matches the decor already in your home and you'll have the perfect Easter accents to pull out and use every year...for years to come.  I really like how these turned out but wait until you see the next batch of eggs I've decorated.  They are definetely worth a return visit to my blog. 

These were made from a vintage book.

These eggs were covered from pages from a vintage hymnal.

Possible paper options: vintage books, brown paper bags, newspaper, sheet music, comics, favorite wrapping paper, scrapbooking paper...

Paper of choice
Plastic eggs
White glue
Something to balance an egg on (I used an old glass taper candle holder)
Scissor and craft knife (if your eggs have "hinges" on them)
Scotch tape

Here's a picture of my very fancy egg holding tool.  It made this sticky job much easier.

  • Shred your paper.  I was careful to shred my in very uneven, odd shaped pieces in order to add dimension to my eggs

  • Prepare your plastic eggs by taping them closed to ensure that they won't open.
    • If your egg has a small plastic piece holding the top and bottom together then it must be removed.  To do so simply cut the tab with scissors and then shave away any plastic sticking out from the egg with a craft knife.  Doing this will allow you to have a smooth even surface.

  • Create your glue mixture in a bowl by mixing approximately two (2) parts glue to one (1) part water.

  • Begin attaching your torn paper piece by piece to the egg.  You need to cover both sides of every piece applied with the glue mixture.  The best way to do this is to keep a small amount of the mixture on your thumb and index finger on BOTH hands.  This allows you to pick up a piece of paper at a time, rub it in between yoru fingers to apply the glue and then place the paper on the egg.
    • You will find as you get into a groove that it is most beneficial while covering your egg to have your fingers wet with glue.  If not, your dry fingers will stick to pieces already applied to the egg and the paper will be pulled off the egg.
    • Because the surface isn't flat, pieces will not lay perefectly flat.  Apply a few pieces and then lightly go back to other pieces and smooth them down with your fingers.  They will have become more pliable as the glue soaks into the paper.

    • Cover only the top half of your egg and allow it to dry completely.
    • Once dry, flip over and repeat the same steps to the other side.
    You may choose to dress your completed eggs up a little by adding glitter and or other things such as ribbon and flowers.  Glitter can easily be added by brushing on a layer of the glue mixture and covering with loose glitter or by spraying it with any canned glitter.

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