Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Etched Mirror Ornament...From Christmas To Spring

I'm all about trying new things lately and I've been curious about etching on glass.  I found these cute mirror ornaments for $0.50 a piece at Michael's after Christmas and decided to use them to give etching a try.  I considered etching snowflakes onto the them but then decided that I was in the mood for I etched SPRING onto it instead.

Glass or mirrored piece
Etching cream (I got mine cheap at Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon)
Paint brush
Stencil (I used Contact Paper but stickers or tapes would also work)
Credit card
  • Place your stencil or stickers onto your piece.  I cut mine out of Contact Paper using the Cricut.  You can easily cut your own with scissors or any craft knife.  You can also use any stickers or any other medium that masks off the positive or negative space you wish to treat.
  • I used a credit card to run across my stencil to ensure that it was sufficiently stuck onto the surface.

  • Apply your etching medium with a paint brush.

  • The instructions on the bottle said to let the cream sit for 5 minutes.  That was not near enough time for the process to happen.  I left it on for about 30 to 45 minutes and then rinsed with water.
  • Gently peel away stencil.

  • I wasn't impressed with the etching upon removing the stencil.  I went online to research and found that the etching process continues a little further after the cream has been removed.  After about an hour or two the final etch looked good.  I wish they would have said that on the bottle. 
  • I replaced the silver ribbon with a more spring approriate colored ribbon and it's ready to hang.

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