Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Canvas Creations - Painting Negative Space

I inherited some blank canvases from my aunt that have been sitting in my basement for well over a year.  I knew that there would eventuall be a project that they would come in handy for.  That project has finally arrived.  LOL

I've been doing a lot of experimenting on cutting vinyl with my Cricut.  I paired my vinyl cutouts with some scrap fabric and a blank canvas to create a custom sign.  I used the vinyl as a reverse stencil, painting the negative space over the cutouts.  I'm fairly impressed with the results and can't wait to continue to create other signs.

I will definetely be making more of these and will be sure to post the pics.

Stretched Canvas
Staple Gun
Spray Paint
Contact Paper
Scissors (I cheated and used my Cricut)


  • Start by cutting out whatever you'd like to have showing on your piece from a stickable vinyl.  I used contact paper.  I cheated and cut my pieces with my Cricut but you can easily cut whatever letters, images or designs you wish by hand.  Use stencils and trace them if needed.
  • Wrap your canvas with your fabric by stretching and stapling it onto the backside of the fram.

  • Peel the backing off of the vinyl and stick them directly onto the fabric.

  • Take your spray paint and give the enitre piece an even coat of paint.  I could tell that this would need two coats so I was careful not to oversaturate the fabric for fear the paint would bleed under the vinyl.  Be sure to get the sides of your frame as well.

  • NOTE: The vinyl started to peel up after it had set for a while.  Watch it carefully and try to get the second coat of paint on before it starts doing so.  You can see the peeling on the next pic.

  • After the piece is completely dry, begin removing the vinyl from the fabric.

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