Sunday, May 20, 2012

Transitional Wreath

Last fall a friend of mine asked me if I'd help her with a wreath for her front door.  We went shopping and I convinced her that it would be easy and cheap to pick pieces she liked and create a wreath from scratch.  Here is the fall wreath that I blogged about early.

This spring (I know I'm late) she asked me if I'd make another one for her with spring flowers.  I got to thinking that it might be easier to take the one we made back in the fall and turn it into a transitional wreath.  You see, when I made the fall wreath I attached all of the florals to the grapevine wreath.  I decided that I could make her a tie on piece for each season that was made with a styrofoam block.  This meanth we would only needed one wreath.   So I took the fall wreath apart and started creating the spring arrangement.  I'll remake the arrangement portion for fall on styrofoam later.

  • I have laid out all of my materials and tools.  I needed a styrofoam block this time so that I could make an arrangement that could be put on and taken off with the seasons.
  • I needed to be able to attach the styrofoam to the wreath so I poked wholes through it with my screwdriver.  I did two holes thru the sides at each end and then two holes thru the top...those holes close together so i could thread one wire thru it.
  • Next I threaded my floral wire thru the holes so that the block could be fastened to the wreath.  I ran it thru twice to keep the wire from moving through the block.
  • I cut all of the individual stems off of the bunches we had purchased.
  • I always start arranging with the longest pieces first with the exception of the really long whispy things we purchased.  Instead I started layering the light pink filler pieces into the foam.

  • I moved on to inserting the next size in which happened to be the cream flowers...the main flower of the piece.

  • I should've first covered the styrofoam block with dried moss but I didn't have any and was in a hurry to get the wreath completed.  I needed to fill in the gaps where you could see the block so I made do with leftover leaf sections.
  • I took stem pieces and curled the end down in order to keep the leaf pieces from sliding off.  Then I slid the leave up to the curl and stuck them into the arrangment.

  • I finished the floral portion by adding the longest, whispy pieces I saved from the beginning.  I wanted to wait and put those in place after seeing how they would hang on the completed wreath.
  • I made a bow using a wired edge ribbon and attached it using the floral wire i used to tie the bow together. 
  • Now I need to start picking out the pieces for her summer piece.

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