Thursday, November 17, 2011

Figured That I'd Share

I've spent years doing some very elaborate Christmas decorating.  I do something new and different every year and constantly have people leaving me house saying things like, "I would have never thought of doing that" or "I would love to do something like that in my house."  Friends often leave with a few ideas that they would like to incorporate into their own holiday decor.

I was deep in a Christmas decorating discussion with a coworker last year and she insisted that I begin blogging about how I do Christmas (thank you Ashley Murphy).  She thought that would be a great way for people to see exactly how I create the holiday magic in my home.  That's when The Christmas Guy blog came to be.  It's there where you can find me blogging all things Christmas.

I've had a good time blogging but have come to realize that I do some pretty cool non-Christmas things all year.  I'll still be blogging at The Christmas Guy while tangled in tinsel but I'll share the rest of my decor projects and ideas here. 

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